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Monday to Friday


The Mater Dei Catholic School STREAM Lab is based on the “Maker Movement.” The “Maker Movement” is designed to allow a student-centered approach in the areas of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

The STREAM Lab allows for students to flourish in an environment where they tinker, create, invent, build, and interact with each other within the curriculum. Students will build confidence in their capabilities and explore the world they live in to develop an attitude to fix, make, change, modify, and customize their world.

See what the students were doing in the Stream Lab.

1st graders play marble games created by 6th graders.


1st graders play a marble game created by the 6th grade.

6th graders made snow globes.

6th graders made snow globes.

7th graders construct and race cars made out of pasta.


7th grades constructed and raced cars made out of pasta.

3rd graders  trying to find the center of gravity.


3rd graders trying to find the center of gravity.

2nd graders are challenged to build using unusual connective pieces.

4th grade make masks  to align with their social studies curriculum.

5th graders take their fingerprints realizing that their prints are as unique to them as the atomic number is to an element.

8th grade use designated Lego pieces to combine the toms that make up an assigned compound.

Kindergarten students rejoice upon making the target.

3rd graders test different materials for their friction level.

4th graders experience Newton’s 3rd law – For every action their is a reaction.

2nd graders with the help of Lego pieces and many measurements constructed a Chair for a Bear.